Equitable Distribution & Maintenance

Rather, the court in New York makes that determination based on 14 factors, the 14th of which is “any other factor the court [finds] just and proper.”

Maintenance (New York’s term for “alimony” or “spousal support”) may be awarded to a spouse unable to be self-supporting, consistent with the marital lifestyle and the parties’ financial means.

Our cases routinely involve complex financial, valuation and tax issues, relate to the parties’ assets (which may include professional practices, licenses, degrees, enhanced earning capacity, closely-held businesses, private equity and hedge funds, limited partnership and LLC interests, stock options, restricted stocks and other derivative assets or deferred compensation, commercial and residential real estate), the tracing of separate property exempt from distribution, and arguing for or against the application of factors that might support a distribution other than a 50/50 split.  We note that the concept of separate property, and its tracing, does not exist in all states, including Connecticut.

We have unsurpassed experience in assessing likely outcomes of these financial issues, and in constructing creative solutions that are practical and just.  Our reputation for integrity, skill, and candor facilitates settlement, because our adversaries know that we can support our settlement positions, and are always prepared to prove them at trial. Our attorneys have handled several of the largest equitable distribution cases ever tried, and settled many more, most without any publicity, in keeping with our clients’ wishes to maintain privacy at every turn.

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