Children & Their Support

What will your role be in making decisions about your child’s future?  These issues are decided “in the best interest of the child,” giving broad discretion to the Court, and, therefore, to parties seeking to settle these issues.

We counsel parents through the often harrowing and emotionally exhausting process of planning how, after divorce, they will raise their children from separate homes. When good-faith negotiation has failed, we have tried many difficult custody cases, including those challenging the relocation of a parent’s residence with the child, allocation of parenting time, and the determination of each parent’s decision-making rights and responsibilities.

We discourage custody battles in court, as parents working cooperatively can almost always arrive at a better resolution for their children than a court can.  When that cooperative resolution is not possible, we approach custody litigation exactly as we do a trial of other issues:  with the most thorough preparation and the most realistic assessment of likely outcomes.

New York and Connecticut law make both parents responsible for the financial support of their children, through a combination of formulaic and discretionary factors that may be difficult to navigate. To each case, we bring practical knowledge of the costs of raising children in the New York metropolitan and Tri-State area, as well as intimate knowledge of the process by which the Court determines the issues concerning children.

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