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Divorce and the Pandemic

Article Title: “‘I Can’t Take It Anymore’: Divorce and the Pandemic” Publication: Katie Couric’s Wake-Up Call Newletter Published by: Publication Date: May 20, 2020

Ten Practice Tips for Postnuptial Agreements

Article Title: “Ten Practice Tips for Postnuptial Agreements: Drafting Considerations and Formalities” Publication: Family Law Quarterly Published by: The American Bar Association © 2019 Publication

The Intersection of Fine Art and Divorce

Article Title: “The Intersection of Fine Art and Divorce” Publication: Pall Mall Art Advisors Newsletters Published by:  Pall Mall Art Advisors Publication Date: Vol. September

Marital Torts

Article Title: “Marital Torts” Publication: American Bar Association Published by: American Bar Association Publication Date: 2016 Authored By: Daniel M. Lipschutz Lorem ipsum dolor sit

Temporary Maintenance Statute in Practice

Article Title: “Temporary Maintenance Statute in Practice” Publication: New York Law Journal,  Volume 247 Published by:  New York State Bar Association Publication Date: May 2,