Category: Michael A. Mosberg Lectures

Equitable Distribution in New York

Lecture Title: “Equitable Distribution in New York” Location: New Judges’ SchoolNew York State Judicial InstituteWhite Plains, New York Date: 2016 Guest Lecturer:  Michael A. Mosberg

Depositions Gone Wrong: The Seven Deadly Sins

Lecture Title: “Depositions Gone Wrong: The Seven Deadly Sins” Location: Alabama State Bar AssociationFamily Law SectionSandestin, Florida Time and Date: 2013 Guest Lecturer: Michael A.

Bridge the Gap: Matrimonial Law

Lecture Title: “Bridge the Gap: Matrimonial Law” Location: New York County Lawyers Association Date: 2011 Guest lecturer: Michael A. Mosberg

The Keys to an Effective Deposition

Lecture Title: “The Keys to an Effective Deposition” Location: American Bar AssociationYoung Lawyers DivisionSpring CLE ConferenceLas Vegas, Nevada Date: 2011 Guest lecturer:  Michael A. Mosberg